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Traffys is a on demand traffic system with 50 integrated ad partners.

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Quality websites worldwide. High CTR Native ads units.
Increase engagement of your websites and apps!


Top apps and websites worldwide. Banner & full screen formats.
Promote products and get app installs!


Show your video ads to real people all around the globe. Get high engagement, grow brand awareness
Top apps and websites worldwide. Banner and full screen formats.

Every possible RTB
format on one platform.

Our reach goes beyond 750 Million Mobile Web, In-App and Desktop Users Worldwide, and 20 Billion daily ad impression opportunities. Run Display, Video, Native & Pop Ads. Convert your campaign optimization expertise into automation scenarios.

High Performance Advertising

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Monetize your website or mobile application with our SSP. Sell your traffic by yourself or let others do it for you. Top demand partners with attractive eCPM’s

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Advanced targeting

OS, Devices, Countries, Regions, Cities, Carriers, Publishers, Sites, Apps, Placements, IP ranges, Useragents, Dayparts, Audience and Contextual Segments, Retargeting.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is not a new form of digital ads, but new approach to targeting.

Save Time & Money

Cross-Network Advertising,Traffic Sampling & Auto-Optimization, Intuitive UI & Fast Onboarding, Quick Ads Moderation, Traffic Quality Filtering, and Performance Tracking.


Real Time Bidding is a basic feature of todays DSPs, SSPs and Ad networks. One can say it’s an auction, which is true, but it also has its peculiarities.

Quality Monetization

Major Ad Verification Vendors, Variety of inventory connection options
Header bidding, Top Demand Partners and high eCPMsDisplay, Video, Native and Pop format.

Daily Impressions
Unique Users
Integrated Ad Networks
Cups of Coffee

Hyper Targeting

OS, Devices, Countries, Regions, Cities, Carriers, Publishers, Sites, Apps, Placements, IP ranges, Useragents, Dayparts, Audience and Contextual Segments, and retargeting.

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We have been very happy with the platforms performance and we look forward to working with Traffys for many years ahead. Traffys has really helped me in gaining Youtube video engagements which as a result is a huge factor in my channels success.

Youtuber, 35 years old

Traffys has been one of my secret weapons as far as CPA & Affiliate Marketing is concerned.What I like is how precise you can target which always equates to high ROI & EPC’s for me. With my targeting I always get low costs. Hand down one of the best self serve advertising platform in the market.

Frank Holmes
Marketer, 23 years old

I would like to appreciate the role Traffys has played in helping my App stratup get installs on demand. We went from zero to 300k+ installs in 2017 and hoping to double that volume in 2018. It is really hard to find a quality platform with unique traffic, but Traffys is surely a keeper.

Martin Arham
App Developer, 28 years old

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